Welcome to Hartmannswiller, town of Haut-Rhin in Alsace

Vue aérienne du village de Hartmannswiller
Vue du village avec un nuage en forme de coeur

Tourist Office

We have a motorhome area street Louis Deiber, in front of our communal home.
Thanks to our backery, Au Pain de Vie, you will discover french pastry !

Presentation of the village

Hartmannswiller, then written Hadmanswirle, is mentioned for the first time in a document from Pope Gregory VIII on October 31, 1187.
The village is then owned by the bishopric of Strasbourg, Hartmannswiller became « property » of the Waldners, for 100 marks in 1331. In 1760 the Waldners became owners of the village until the French Revolution. During the World War I, the village was 90% ravaged.
A memorial is now erected at the top of this mountain located between the municipalities of Hartmannswiller, Wuenheim, Wattwiller and Soultz.

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